© Images by Tim EversName: Window Chronicles
Type: Light Installation
Material: Led’s, Inox, Paper
Date: 2023
Exhibited at: MAD - home of creators (Brussels), La Cambre Graduation Exhibition (Brussels), Budafabriek WATNG Exhibition (Kortrijk)

Besides their function as an environmental control system in architecture, windows serve as a spatial attribute to the human body and mind. With emphasis on the latter, 'Window Chronicles' functions as an illuminated object that draws inspiration from the natural rhythms observed through my window in Brussels. It evokes the feeling of opening a window and captures the external surroundings through the alignment of real-time weather data and GPS coordinates, dynamically reflecting the prevailing atmospheric conditions.

The window symbolizes much more than a mere frame through which we can glimpse the outside world. It serves as a potent symbol of tension between public and private, interior and exterior, individual and social. It invites us to explore the world beyond while reflecting on our place within it.